Introducing Our New Site!

The CB Bain | Seal Career Development (CD) team is delighted to announce our new website and blog.  You have heard CB Bain and CB Seal Pacific NW Real Estate us “talking the talk” about doing this for a very long time.  Well, the team has officially Walked the Walk – putting what CD coaches you on doing into practice ourselves. The static information and website have been translated it all into  this newly designed (by our very own Linda Aaron) WordPress site with the IN THE KNOW blog!

Our mission  is for this to be a fluid work in progress… growing, building and expanding on the vision of creating a place for YOU!  The ultimate goal with this blog is to share what the company is up to and give you a peek into what’s coming.  Whether it is reviewing new technology that your CD & TechLine team members like Debra Trappen,  Dennis Holland, or Linda Aaron are exploring, vendors doing business with us, or trainers who are coming in to share their knowledge – the team wants you to be IN THE KNOW about it all.  There will also be guest posts from our very own Principle Managing Brokers, Property Management team, Advanced RE Solutions group, and our CB Bain | Seal resources like Marketing, IT, Biz Partners, etc!  If there are things YOU want to know, shoot us an email ( or tweet us up @cbbainseal!

So – go – click around… explore… go ahead – take the fast 10 minute assessment and find out what it says about your “skillz” – if you dare!

The team looks forward to hearing from each of you… until then, we will keep on keeping you “In The Know”!

9 Replies to “Introducing Our New Site!”

  1. This blog will be a fun – and educational – forum for all. Looking forward to regular visits!

  2. Great job on the new site LInda and Debra! This will be an amazing resource for your agents and I look forward to following the exciting new trends and goodies you’ll be posting.

  3. Thanks Pia, we wanted to launch the new site in January but we were too busy teaching and writing classes. Excited to see how it will be received. Thanks for stopping by to wish us well.

  4. Thanks Christopher, Looking forward to the first post you will contribute, when may I expect that?

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