Meet Yourself…maybe fore the first time.

CB Bain Broker in the mirrorI think we would all agree, being current and relevant is how we want to be seen by others, especially those we hope to serve. I think the best way to continually challenge ourselves to achieve this is to pretend we are our potential customer. Step back and take an objective look at yourself as if you are meeting yourself for the very first time.

Today, most of us research what we want to know on-line, form an impression and then act, or not. So I’m asking you to go on-line and meet yourself. Fortunately, life is dynamic, otherwise it would be very boring. So, is the you that is on-line today the person you are today? It is so easy to focus on new business and not worry about staying current and relevant since we already invested time and energy in the past to create a presence on-line. Research yourself today and see if your presence honors your personal evolution.

Not sure WHERE to start or WHAT you need to do to get your online presence moving in the right direction? Take a look at this video from Dick Fulton I hope it provides you with ideas that will help you maintain the relevance we all strive for every day.

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