Video: It’s not just for promotion any more

Real Estate video Shoot for SuccessThere is lots of talk about incorporating video in to the marketing of your listings.  You may have considered making a personal video starring you—what you do for your clients or giving out some tips about today’s marketplace.  One of our brokers, Michael Ackerman, takes an idea and spins it into a two minute tip or explanation.  He’s done ones from “how to choose the right buyer’s agent” to “why sellers shouldn’t blog about their house.”

Another Bain broker, Mike Herren, has used video in another way which you might want to incorporate into your business.  Sometimes there is just no better way to show a problem or solve it than by showing.  How to do that when the person who needs the explanation isn’t available?  Video!  Mike didn’t need to go far or hire anyone.  In one case he filmed himself and in another he enlisted the seller in the job.  Both worked beautifully in getting the problem solved.

Mike had a listing where the inspector for the buyer recommended that the access panel but cut into the door of the furnace to provide easier access for changing the filter.  This could have been expensive for his seller.  More importantly, unnecessary.  The seller said, “It’s easy to change the filter, I’ll show the buyer.”  Mike worked with the seller to have a 15 second video made demonstrating how to do this.  The video was posted on YouTube.  The buyer saw it, and didn’t ask for the panel to be cut.  The buyer lives in Auburn, the house is in West Seattle.  If the buyer had to drive over to see the demonstration, it would’ve taken at least a couple of hours, instead of the few minutes it took.

The second problem that video solved was one involving a sale where there was confusion regarding the address.  The property was owned by Freddie Mac so getting them to help correct the problem was very difficult.  Mike filmed the street sign, the house sign, he showed the physical property and how it was situated, the previous listing.  He emailed the link to the YouTube posting and viola! The bank accepted the information and all closed on time.  A creative solution to a problem solved through video.

You might not want to be on camera but video can still be a wonderful tool for you.  A video of a problem on an inspection report might convince an out of area owner to fix it.  A video of a street fair or festival might be just the extra touch that convinces a buyer about the neighborhood.  You might work with a seller to video how the yard looks in one season to help with the marketing in another.  Think of the neighborhood amenities that could help sell the relocating client before they arrived.

This tool gives us many of the benefits of a live, one-to-one contact but can do it across space and time.  Well, it doesn’t include ‘smellavision’ but you could describe that sensation too.  The point is—expand your vision.  Get beyond the idea of self promotion or even listing promotion.  Think about how you can educate, explain, demonstrate, and even have a little fun.  Save time. Impress your clients.  It’s not about your close-up.  It’s about effective communication.


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