Coldwell Banker Bain Brokers are Buzzing

The #swaggagurlz have been preachin’ for months that consumers admit to believing a mere 14% of what business owners “advertise” about themselves. They are no longer interested in WHO is #1, but how their experience will be with the business or salesperson.  They want to hear from other people who have done business with them… partnered with them… and achieved the desired result and success with them.  In short, they want a picture painted for them of what they will experience.  They want a box of chocolates, complete with the map that tells them the flavor of each one.  Really… what is wrong with that?  I say: absolutely nothing.  I love the map too.

Well, we put our money where our mouth is here at Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal.  We are kicking off a series of Testimonial Videos!  Our very own brokers sharing their thoughts on WHY they chose to partner with Coldwell Banker Bain and Coldwell Banker Seal.  Here is the first in our series…


Check out what all the Broker BUZZ is about here at CBBain!

Thank you to all of our amazing brokers who participated:
Wayne Purser, Sarah Ford, Steve Curran, Andrea Chatard, Michael Ackerman, Sharon Benson, Yuno Marioni, Julie Hutton, Stacey Chellis, Tom Moody and Jack Chang.

Remember, if you have questions on how to get started with video.  Visit the Marketing Intranet page!

We also set up a new Connect with Uspage on this site to help us all get better connected… check it out and fill it out – thanks!

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