The Legacy of William A. Bain (and the Rest of Us)

Recently, the name sake of Coldwell Banker Bain, William A. Bain, passed away at age 88.  Brokers who personally knew Mr. Bain have stopped by my office this week to reminisce about the man and his leadership, and particular phrases have cropped up again and again; “A TRUE gentleman” “honest” “fair” “kind” “a man of his word”. As legacies go, I kept thinking that I too should be so fortunate to be remembered in this way.

That got me thinking about legacies.

In the time since Mr. Bain sold his company in the early 90’s, CBBain and it’s sister company, CBSeal,  has grown to 34 offices from Portland to Bellingham, becoming the largest single-ownership company in the Northwest. As we finish 2011, it also appears that our Bellevue branch will again be the #1 Coldwell Banker Affiliate office in the U.S., the 17th year in a row it’s earned the achievement. These are among the proud company legacies history will deservingly attribute to our current owner, Bill Riss. Other CBBain & CBSeal offices certainly have similar stories to tell–but it occurs to me that the most important, most impactful company legacies are those our brokers and managers forge in the crucible of every home sale, each and every day.

We’re so incredibly fortunate to do what we do. It gives us an opportunity to influence and lead. Satisfy and achieve. Earn fierce loyalty and unbreakable relationships. Develop a legacy.

I’m certain William A. Bain had a proud sense of achievement as he witnessed the growth and unwavering professionalism of his namesake company. Each of us, in our own way, should also enjoy the same. Just as Mr. Bain is fondly remembered for his grace and support, we have all had a part in perpetuating his legacy…and as such, we validate our own.

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