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“My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth”.

Abraham Lincoln


 Here is a collection of relevant links for the week of April 22nd – 26th, 2013:


Americans are Increasingly Bullish on Housing Market

Gallup said today that more than half of Americans expect average home prices in their local area to increase over the next year

Tight Inventories Spark California Home Price Boom

A sudden surge in single family home prices in California coupled with flat sales are both attributed by the California Association of Realtors® (C.A.R.) to a scarcity of available homes for sale, especially in the lower price ranges.

Conventional Purchase Applications at 3-1/2 Year High

Mortgage applications for both purchasing a home and refinancing one increased during the week ended April 12.

Six “Shadow Inventory” Myths

Personally, I’m not buying it. We probably won’t see this inventory materialize anytime soon, and here’s why: by Mike Grady

Housing Starts at Highest Level Since 2008

New-home construction leapt last month to the highest level since before the financial crisis, driven by a big gain in the volatile multifamily-home segment.

Home building rises to key milestone

The annual pace of housing starts topped 1 million for the first time in nearly five years in March, another sign of the rebound in the sector.

Nationwide Open House Weekend is April 20-21

How much do you know about open houses?

Find out with this new infographic and open house quiz!

Financing a Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home these days requires plenty of cash on hand.

More homeowners are spending on home improvement

Home improvement spending is expected to grow as the year progresses, according to data released Thursday by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

Top 10 Remodeling Projects [INFOGRAPHIC]

Home improvement spending is expected to grow as the year progresses, according to data released Thursday by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

Fitch downplays rising home prices on labor concerns

“The agency continues to believe national prices are overvalued by roughly 10% in real terms and 2% nominally (after taking into account inflation and price momentum).”

A race against time: Student loan debt stalls first-time homebuyers

The American culture has undergone a seismic shift with today’s thirty-year-old less likely to take out a mortgage if they already hold student loan debt

Housing industry boosts employment

While the most recent unemployment surveys for March are weak overall, the housing recovery is responsible for a rare bright spot: Construction job growth, according to Freddie Mac’s U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook report

Romancing the Overseas Buyer

To boost sales, U.S. developers tailor interiors for specific cultures; for Brazilians, white leather and big terraces

The secret sauce of house hunting in a crazy market 

never underestimate the power of putting a puppy in a photo

Gallup Poll: 81% of Americans Either Own or Plan to Within 10 Years

The American Dream is still alive, and a recent survey from Gallup provided data to support this conclusion.

Downward Trend Continues for Fixed Rates

Fixed mortgage rates continued to spiral down this week amid weak economic reports

Mortgage Rates in the U.S. Decline for a Second Week

Mortgage rates in the U.S. fell for a second week, reducing borrowing costs as more homeowners seek to refinance into less expensive loans.

Survey Reveals Top Regrets Among Buyers, Renters

Slightly more than half of Americans harbor at least one regret about their current home, according to Trulia’s Real Estate Regrets survey

3 reasons the housing recovery may not last

The housing market has made a big comeback over the past year; home prices have surged some 8% and homebuyers can’t seem to buy up properties fast enough

The Future of Home Values – Taking a Closer Look at Price-to-Income Fundamentals

Home values have been increasing steadily across the nation since they hit a bottom in October 2011. Since October, they are up 6.5 percent. Just over the past year, home values have appreciated by 5.8 percent. This rate of appreciation is higher than the historical average of around 3 percent

Radar Logic: Best Markets for Single-Family Rental Investors

As the rise in single-family rents slows and operating costs increase, Radar Logic stressed the need for institutional investors to focus on properties sold at steep discounts in order to yield a profit

Housing inventory, buyer demand are market drivers

JPMorgan Chase ($49.31 0%) expects home prices to rise 7% in 2013. That level of continued confidence is driven by tighter-than-normal inventory, robust demand, high affordability levels, and a stronger economy

Renting ‘Round the U.S. [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re planning to relocate for your career or simply eyeballing your dream location, it is helpful to know there’s a rentable place with your name on it

Different Generations See the Value in Homeownership

It was interesting how the different generations valued homeownership for slightly different reasons.

Americans outlook on housing defies overall economic pessimism

Consumers surveyed for Fannie Mae’s recent housing market update remain skeptical about the U.S. economy, while maintaining a sense of optimism about the overall housing recovery

Surviving a Home Inspection

And it’s got me wondering: What did I do right before the inspection and what should I have done differently?

How Much Staging Is Too Much?

Curse you, cable shows, blogs and books that insist homes must be staged. In 1995, when I bought my house, staging wasn’t yet an industry. People just cleaned their houses, planted some petunias along the walk, and hung out a for-sale sign.

Montana Ranch Hits the Market for $26.5 Million

The ranch sits inside the Yellowstone Club, a 13,600-acre private golf and ski community that lies about 20 miles north of Yellowstone National Park. Possibly the world’s only members-only ski resort, with 15 lifts and three lodges

Should Your Buyers Increase Their Offer?

Limited inventory and a very strong demand for housing has created an environment where bidding wars are commonplace in today’s real estate market. Homes priced properly are getting multiple offers within a short time of coming to market. This brings about a dilemma for the agent: How should they advise their client who is about to make an offer when other offers will also be presented?


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