Relevant News Links: Friday, June 19th

“Without my dad, I wouldn’t be here.”  –Maria Sharapova ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Federal Reserve Report on Household Economic Well-Being According to a Federal Reserve analysis, U.S. households surveyed during October 2014 reported only modest improvements with respect to economic well-being but felt increasingly optimistic about the future. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some Homeowners Go Solo to Sell Their Real

Real Estate Classes & CE Clock Hour Courses

Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal is dedicated to providing training and Continuing Education opportunities for their real estate brokers in the Pacific Northwest, including FREE clock hour classes & non-clock-hour workshops on important business tools.  If you are a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker Bain -or- Coldwell Banker Seal and are looking for clock hours to renew

Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal Brokers…Are you Gen Blue?

Consider this a shout-out to every Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal broker: it matters not whether you are new(er) to the company, a seasoned broker who hasn’t been to Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue conference in awhile or if you just went to the most recent GenBlue.  Regardless of your status in real estate life, GenBlue is worth every cent of

Relevant News Links: Friday, June 12th

“Knowledge is the eye of desire and can become the pilot of the soul.” — Will Durant ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Tips for a Positive Mindset Through a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental sculpting, people develop a half- full or half-empty perspective of the world __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Swipe and Click Mortgage Service One of the country’s