Coldwell Banker Bain | Learning Center

In today's fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity for our busy real estate brokers.  Our Coldwell Banker Bain education department offered over 165 live lecture courses per year. With increased growth and the accompanying traffic in our region, it has become a challenge for our brokers in the offices outside the core of Seattle and Bellevue to attend.  What was once a 30-minute drive could now be a 90-minute drive or longer.

As Coldwell Banker Bain now has 32 offices from Bellingham to Portland, we realized that we were reaching only a small percentage of our brokers with our live lecture courses. To scale our training and make it more convenient for brokers to find and take the courses they need, we added two new platforms with which to deliver our training.  We are pleased to announce our new video system, Cisco Spark and our new learning management system, the Bain Learning Center.

The Cisco Spark video system will allow us to stream our live training to our offices and increase our attendance and the education of our brokers.  With the Spark platform, we will be able to record our lectures and also answer questions from the attendees viewing from other locations. Additionally, we will continue our Webinars using Cisco WebEx. 

The Bain Learning Center will give us the ability to create and manage all of our training content in one location for ease of access. The Bain Learning Center is built right into the Bluehive portal with single sign-on so you won't need to remember any other user id and password.  Simply log in to your Bluehive account with your CB Bain credentials and go to the My Resources link.  You will see a link to the learning center.

Watch this short video and see how easy it will be for you to find courses and programs to help you learn all of the tools in your broker toolbox.