House for Rent


With the changing of economies in the housing sector over the past half dozen years, many wonder, “How does that affect my decision to rent vs. buy a home?  Is renting a better bet?  If not, is now a good time to buy?” According to a new analysis by Zillow the “Breakeven Horizon” in seventy-five

Do you remember when…

Do you remember when an attendant, often the owner, cheerfully pumped gas, cleaned windshields, checked oil, fluids and tire pressure, and emptied ashtrays? If something was wrong with the car an affordable mechanic in the back would take a look at that, too. Full service meant exactly what was advertised: Full service! Then came self-service

Will The Federal Government Be Your Next Landlord?

A recent article in Realty Biz News, Mike Wheatley reported that “The government is investigating new plans to try and limit the number of foreclosures going onto the market in an effort to prevent unsold foreclosed homes damaging values even more – by simply renting them all out instead.”  This is the newest of Government

The Point of Maximum Opportunity-the Cycle of Market Emotions

The Cycle of Market Emotions. For many, their investment in Real Estate is downright depressing. According to The Russell Investment Group, that means it’s opportunity time (see chart)… Referring to this chart, Murray Leith, research director for Odlum Brown, a large investment firm, “If you are feeling depressed and hopeless, there is a good chance

CB Bain’s Bobbie Chipman and Virgil Wells receive top Realtor honors.

Annually, the Washington Association of REALTORS® recognizes Washington REALTORS®, affiliates, businesses and private citizens for outstanding contributions to the state’s real estate industry and the communities. This year’s awards were announced on April 14th, 2011 at the Association’s Spring Business Conference held at the Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington. Top awards were presented to Virgil