To Review or not to Review: That is the Question

To REVIEW, or not to REVIEW: that is the QUESTION Can you believe the first half of 2011 is over? Have you asked yourself what happened and where did the time go? In talking with Real Estate Professionals these last few weeks the typical response I am getting is “WOW, school starts in a few

6 Goal Setting and Business Generating tips for 2011

Reaching your Goals in 2011 The first quarter of 2011 has officially passed and you are probably asking yourself where did the time go? The observation to make now is am I on track to achieve my goals or am I behind? If you are currently on track to meet your goals then congratulations on

When it’s okay to say the A word!

When it’s Ok to say the A Word! That’s right…Accountability! Today’s Real Estate Professional needs an accountability partner more than ever before. There are fewer transactions, tougher transactions and wary consumers. Why not have a partner that will look out for your best interests. Personal business coaching is the key to an agents success in