Video Breeds Familiarity

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Have we met before?

By: Guest author Christopher King, Marketing Manager, CB Bain, Bellevue Way

In 2007 I watched a real estate video that was a guided walk-through of a listing on Bainbridge Island. It was the first agent-produced video I’d seen coming out of our region, and it happened to be made by a Coldwell Banker Bain broker.

In my mind’s eye I can still remember the classic-paneled front door opening and the broker greeting me warmly. I was struck not so much by the home but by the broker – how she exhibited confidence in the home, how she seemed enthusiastic to let the video (and its sounds and images) market her seller’s home for her, and how she made me want to work with an innovative marketer like her when it came time to sell my own home.

That was 6 years ago. I’ve told the following story many times since: I was at a CB Bain training class in Bellevue in 2009 and approached a broker I’d met before and reintroduced myself. As I shook her hand I realized I was mistaken, that we’d actually never met before in person. It was the broker from the video I’d watched two years prior. I truly felt that I knew her and had met her – she was that “known” to me because of a three-minute video. She’d made an indelible impression on me: familiar, warm, likeable. That’s why I was convinced I knew her.

I’m not saying that anyone who watches you on video is automatically going to work with you, but it does pave the way for advance knowledge and familiarity. And we all know that buyers and sellers are validating us online before they contact us. So why not give them a way to “meet” us before they pick up the phone or email us? It just greases the wheels. Besides, there are significant search benefits from using video. The more you use video, the more likely Google and Bing will return your business higher in the search rankings.

Despite the benefits of using video in real estate, it’s clear that it’s still very under-utilized as a communication platform. That’s why on Thursday, March 28, we’re assembling a panel of brokers who successfully use video in their businesses – so that the rest of us can get inspired to get over the hump and start trying it out for ourselves. We’ll solicit insights and inspiration from Chavi Hohm and Kim Colaprete from our Capitol Hill office, Wayne Purser from our Edmonds office, and the woman I was convinced I knew personally after watching her video, Patricia Wangsness of our Bellevue office.

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