I (and You) Heart Video

You love video. Don’t deny it. You do.  Man taking video iphone

Video has been part of our lives for over half a century. We design entire rooms around video devices. We’re willing to part with our hard earned cash to eat over priced popcorn and Mike & Ike’s just to watch videos on a ridiculously large screen.

We love video so much that we find ways to jam it into every aspect of our lives. We have video screens in our cars. We watch ridiculously small videos on airplanes. We even have videos to amuse us while we stand in line at the supermarket or pump gas into our cars.

Video is a drug we cannot live without…except in real estate.

Does video have a place in real estate? At Coldwell Banker over four years ago we thought it did. We saw this growing obsession with video content online and thought “who wouldn’t want a video tour of a home in addition to pictures and detailed info?” So we set out to create the first ever video centric real estate search experience on YouTube. We figured we would have a 6 month lead time on competitors, but here we are 4 years later and still no one else has created what we have with Coldwell Banker On Location .

Our video channel had over 2 million videos viewed last year, but I continually receive complaints that it’s too hard to do video. Or why bother when I have really nice photos? The answer is simple: people want videos. Check that. People need videos. Sure, they like your pictures. They are mildly amused by your property descriptions that use abbreviations they don’t understand. But what they crave is video. I’m not saying the video itself is the be all, end all of real estate marketing. I am saying that it will certainly make your property more marketable.

Over 51% of all content viewed online is video content. That means if you’re not creating a video for your properties or to market yourself, you’ve just taken half of the entire activity of the Internet and said “I don’t need to reach you.”

And the excuse that it’s too hard to make a video is no longer acceptable. In your pocket, purse or somewhere within an arm’s reach lies a device that will take videos for you. It’s your smartphone. Sure it’s not what Scorcese or Speilberg uses, but it will meet your needs just fine. Just prop that phone up on something and take a video of yourself answering a question that a buyer or seller has asked you this week. Answer it in under 2 minutes and you have a valuable piece of content that no one else in your market is creating.

As if that weren’t enough the relationship that Coldwell Banker Real Estate has forged with Videolicious makes it even better. The Videolicious app for iPhone and iPad is, in my estimate, the simplest video creation app of all time.

Video is part of our daily lives, but is it a part of your business? If it isn’t it should be. With Coldwell Banker, you had a four year head start on the competition. I think that’s enough lead time. Time to start giving people what they want.

Cast your fears aside. Dive in. It won’t hurt. I promise. If anything, it will only help your business.