Broker Best Practices: The Importance of the Re-inspection Prior to Closing

With nearly fourteen years as a principal broker, there are certain legal issues that arise on a fairly regular basis.  One of the most common is the buyer’s broker calling the seller’s broker after closing to report the sellers had taken items that were supposed to stay in the home after closing, or some of

Standards of Practice

Our Coldwell Banker Bain Standards of Practice, Item 2, states “Respect the limits of your own expertise.  Before doing business outside your usual market area or area of expertise, always ask, ‘What is the best for this buyer/seller?’ and act accordingly.”   As an example, one of my brokers, an expert on mobile homes in

Landover Mortgage

Adapting to the ever changing market…

It appears we are just starting to recover from the most long and difficult housing market any of us have seen.  No doubt most of us have financial battle scars but it is a relief to think it might be ending.  But, it’s still hard.  Better, but hard. The past few months have brought to

How to Facebook

When the words “Facebook” and “business” were first used in the same sentence, we got an inquisitive gleam in our eyes and imagined the possibilities.  Agents started posting their listings—obnoxious.  Next came the Facebook business page—95.8% are boring (imho).   My next move was to reframe my time on Facebook as my “cocktail party.”  Comfortable