Are you ready to get your BRAND online?

Okay, let’s be real… If you have been to a conference, read any blogs, or attended an online webinar lately – you’ve heard the term: Personal Brand. It is a buzzing topic right now, but what does it actually mean?  Do you have it, want it, or need it?  How do you use it?

If you are ready to learn how to harness your personal brand – the Creating a Strong Brand Foundation workshop is for you!!  If we are connected online, you know I am looking forward to this first roadshow with CB Bain|Seal brokers over the next couple of months – starting in late November.  The session is action packed and the goal is to partner with you to:

  1. Explore and answer the “Personal Brand” questions…
  2. Discuss values vs. vision vs. mission and WHY you need to know the difference…
  3. Get REAL about how to use key social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp!, Pinterest, or a personal blog to strengthen your brand promise – authentically.
  4. Visit online reputation management and how to best utilize client testimonials to build positive buzz!
  5. Review some key mobile and RE technologies to be aware of in your 2013 business planning!

As always, remember it is OK if you are not sure how all this works together, which social networking sites are for you,  or if you still don’t “get what all the fuss is about”…  that’s why I am popping in for quality time with you!


So, get yourself signed up for an upcoming session, bring an open mind, something to take notes on (paper, iPad, laptop…) and let’s DO THIS!


Repeat after me:

Now is the time…

This is the class…

I am the one!!


See you soon,


Register for the Creating a Strong Brand Foundation Workshop here:

PROMOTE the VOTE – Coldwell Banker Doory Award Nominees!

It’s the FINAL weekend to Enter the HGTV/ “The Doory Awards” to find THE most outstanding home in America and we need YOU to Promote The Vote!

We have a couple of our very own CBBain listings on the roster – Chris Sudore is nominated under ‘Curb Appeal’ and Wendy Lister under ‘Outdoor Spaces’ AND ‘Kitchens’!

There are also few other Coldwell Banker listings across the country,  so let’s get online, show our Coldwell  Banker Gen Blue support and VOTE for them!

PLEASE NOTE: you must vote for THREE properties in every category so be sure to support our other CB brothers and sisters nationwide as well!

Curb Appeal

CBBain nominee: Chris Sudore



CBBain nominee: Wendy Lister

Coldwell Banker nominees:

Scott Franklund with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Denver


Jeannie McDermott with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Sarasota, FL



CBBain nominee:  Wendy Lister

Coldwell Banker nominee: Claudia Aros of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Miami


Coldwell Banker nominee:  Joyce Rey of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Southern California

^^After voting, don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a weekly cash prize of $1,000 and a grand prize of $5,000.

Thank you for your showing your Gen Blue style and support…  Please LIKE and SHARE this post today and tomorrow and help us continue to PROMOTE the VOTE!

(Pssst… if you are a pinner… you can also check out the Pinboard I created with these lil thumbnails to direct link you as well!)

Agent Reboot is coming to Seattle – March 28!





It’s that time of year again when Inman’s Agent Reboot comes to town!  As you know, we love Inman News and Inman Next for keeping us in the loop with all of the important Real Estate News and their travelling tour – Agent Reboot.   The event is always packed with solid information, tips and tricks from Inman’s Social Media Director, Katie Lance, and Chief Evangelist, Chris Smith .  These two will be bringing all the latest marketing tech and tools to our town with a fabulous line up of the industry’s leaders that travel the nation – Jimmy Mackin, Jim Marks, Darin Persinger, and many more! Save yourself hours of research on what to use… these people KNOW what’s current, what’s working and what YOU need to know!

As always, Inman reaches out to identify some local ambassadors that will help promote the event and share the gold nuggets.  Coldwell Banker Bain is thrilled to report that our brokers and staff will be representing our company in force!

The line up includes:  Two fabulous, tech and real estate passionate CBBain brokers Anne Jones (Tacoma) and Marlow Harris (Seattle), as well as our own #swaggagurlz:   Linda Aaron (aka TechnoNana) and our Chief eXperience Officer,  Debra Trappen who was one of the finalists in Inman’s Top 100 Most Influential in 2011!

We couldn’t be more proud and excited to have our people on the ground collecting and sharing all the amazing information that is sure to be presented! The official ambassador announcement is on the Agent Reboot Blog:

Make sure to REGISTER for the event taking place on March 28th at the Meydenbauer Center for a screaming deal of only $49 if you register early:

If you are a CBBain broker, we secured a limited number of discounted tickets… register with your CBBain email address to secure our reduced rate –>!

 Want to follow the BUZZ on Twitter?

Agent Reboot’s Handle: @AgentReboot
Event Hashtag: #agentrb


We truly believe attending Agent Reboot is one of the best investments you can make in your business… and look forward to seeing you there!

~Your Training and Social Biz Team


#swaggagurlz… New Orleans… AND #GenBlue – that’s Triple Trouble!

We sashayed into Studio CB here at the Coldwell Banker Bain|Seal headquarters to put together a quick message for all of you who are attending GenBlue… or still sitting on the fence about joining the fun!
We hope you enjoy this lil #swagga video… and look forward to seeing you IRL (In Real Life) at Gen Blue!
the #swaggagurlz
(aka… Debra and Linda)
p.s. Special thanks to David Marine for inspiring us with his #swaggalicious “Things You Won’t Find at GenBlue” post!

Bringing #swagga back to real estate…

I’m often asked how I define the #swaggagurlz mission: “Bringing “swagga” back to real estate…one agent at a time.”
(Read more about the #swaggagurlz and listen to the radio show that started it all!.)

Swagger (aka #swagga) is most often defined as “confidence”… I get even more specific and add to that self-belief. When you are confident and believe in yourself you present yourself well to the world…others will be inspired to listen to you and to do business with you.

So how does that translate into a mission? Well, it comes down to these key areas:

Encouraging agents to INFUSE their world with what motivates them, boosts their attitude, and sparks the passion and possibilities inside them!

When we allow ourselves down time to renew, recharge and refresh – we are better people. The reality is that too many agents feel required or compelled to run a 24/7 business (especially with technology becoming such an integral part of our lives) and they forget to stop and take time for themselves. The simple act of writing down a list of what makes them SMILE changes the energy in the room. Already this year agents have shared some fantastic examples of activities that BOOST their attitude: “playing with my grandchildren”, “taking a walk w/my best friend… coffees in hand”, “rubbing my puppy’s belly”, “golfing w/ my husband”, and “breathing in the scent of my children when I tuck them in at night”. Reminding agents to schedule in time (or to put their technology DOWN and be present) for these activities is part of the mission.

INSPIRING agents to take the time to truly define (or redefine) their “WHY?”.

I love Simon Sinek and his passion for WHY. He is on my Top 11 “WHO would you invite to dinner” Guest List… and if you have ever read or listened to him – you know why! (yes, the pun was intended) The essence of his message* is that most of us can easily articulate “what” we do and “how” we do it, however, while defining WHY is the most important, it can be the most difficult to articulate. You have to really search your soul to discover the true reason you do what you do… Knowing your WHY gives you the power to push through the tough times and the motivation to dig deep when nothing seems to be going your way. In real estate, knowing your WHY is a MUST if you want to embrace your #swagga, so one of our top initiatives is inspiring agents to focus, define, and practice expressing and living their WHY. *Check out this TED video showcasing Simon!

IGNITING confidence through education.

Regardless of the current economic conditions, agents must always be prepared to articulate and add value. Helping agents recognize and understand how to have the important conversations and share valuable content with the consumer is a key element in the mission. Agents consistently share that the top two questions they are asked are: “What do you do for a living?” followed by “How is the market?”. Having a well-thought out response with specific, positive (not Pollyanna) information is paramount… and only when one is prepared does the #swagga flow. When an agent confidently shares valuable market updates and stats, they instill and strengthen consumer confidence. Period.

In addition to creating confident conversations… the #swaggagurlz mission includes training our agents on how to effectively infuse technology into their business. It is important to provide systems, tools, and resources for when they are deciding to purchase a smartphone or tablet, choosing which apps/programs will enrich their experience, or trying to figure out how to use the social communication platforms out there like Facebook and Twitter. Once they understand that Social Business Platforms are here to assist them in building their relationships and stay better connected with their sphere of influence it eases the “fear of change” and elevates their confidence!

So, why is MY “why” bringing #swagga back?

I believe that everyone deserves to be part of a process and organization that sparks discovery into what motivates them and encourages activities that positively infuse their world with passion, purpose, and prosperity… not only to ignite confidence in themselves, but in those around them.