Time is of the essence for Home Buyers and the Time is NOW for all Home Sellers!

I think it is too soon to say how the Sequestration will impact our Puget Sound markets. While it is acknowledged that FHA loans will likely be a concern and we may suffer job losses in the government sectors such as military and education it is unclear how soon and how big that impact will

Tell Me Something Good: THE END IS NEAR!

The End is Near!!! OMG!  The end of what, the world as we know it, America as we see it, our government and its operation, or, could it be, could it possibly be; the end of everything?  Many years ago I took a couple of classes in journalism. My motivation in doing so was to

Tell Me Something Good:The Power of the Positive

IT WAS ANNOUNCED IN WASHINGTON D.C. TODAY THAT THE REAL ESTATE MARKET WILL NOT STABILIZE FOR AT LEAST 20 YEARS! Now that I have your attention…keep reading… Isn’t it amazing, the power of a negative headline?  In January of 2008 at my first Snohomish County business meeting of the year for my troops I announced that our