Bellingham Brokers Give Back

The Bellingham office has been involved in the Salvation Army Angel Tree for the past several years with the Whatcom County Association of Realtors, but this year Bellingham really wanted to step up and take on the entire project. For the first three weeks of December, Bellingham brokers, staff, and their families donated time, energy, and money at the Angel Tree – even extending the original deadline to accommodate a last minute influx of gift tags, so no child would go without gifts under the tree.
“Everyone loves the experience, and it always gets us into the holiday spirit to see our community come together to help local families. One of our favorite stories was that an entire kindergarten class came in with their teachers to get tags for other children. That class donated over $900 in gifts including a bike. Now that’s the spirit of giving,” said Sunny Lake.
 503 local families received assistance
1090 children (4,352 tags)
$124,900 worth of food, clothing, and gifts
our office donated 264 man hours
Thank you to Sunny Lake, Sales Manager at our Bellingham Office for the article and photos
For more information about our CB Bain Community Partnership opportunity, please visit this link

Join us at Gen-Blue!

Why are YOU going to GenBlue?

Join us at Gen-Blue!Chris Falskow from our Coldwell Banker Bain Lake Union Office shares why he is going to GenBlue!


Having attended a couple of Coldwell Banker’s International Business Conferences (IBC) I was looking forward to going to GenBlue last year in Las Vegas. IBC was the old school way of doing real estate business – how to door knock, mailing, cold calling, etc. That was then, GenBlue is now!

For a while, we had seen a shift in our marketing on how we promote ourselves and do our business. The idea of Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue was just that. Social media had become commonplace for us to do our business. For those who were not-yet on Facebook, Twitter, blogging or other outlets, this was the conference for them. For those of us who have been using social media, it not only reinforced what we were doing, it took it to a whole new level. There is something for everyone at GenBlue. From the beginner to the most tech savvy, you WILL learn something at GenBlue. That is why I am so excited to go to New Orleans for this year’s conference! Not only are there great classes and great presenters (including our own Linda Aaron – @skynnard & Debra Trappen – @debra11!) but the networking is fantastic! I could go on, but I will leave you with this – Be there!

You still have time to register!! Get there! You WILL NOT regret it!

Register for Coldwell Banker | GenBlue TODAY!


p.s…. Check out who I got to meet at GenBlue last year!!

Escrow Professionals of Washington wants to help you look good!

2012 is upon us and with that everyone’s favorite time of the year will be quickly approaching . . .  tax preparation time!

As one of the many services EPOW has to offer our clients, we are working on our end of the year Final HUD-1 Settlement Statements. Please be looking in your email for FINAL HUD-1 Settlement Statements for each and every transaction that you closed with us in 2011.  This gives you a wonderful opportunity to stay connected with your clients and remind them that they are top of the mind for you!

Recently, a Broker asked us why we didn’t send the Final HUD’s directly to the Buyers and Sellers and the reason is that we understand YOU are their trusted real estate professional – we don’t want to impede on that relationship but rather strive to provide easy tools for you to stay connected and look good!

A reminder to also be on the look out for the one-year-anniversary email for each  transaction closed with Escrow Professionals providing you another opportunity to again reach out and connect!

Finally, coming in February will be our new and improved Escrow Professionals of Washington website – offering relevant escrow information, closing tools, marketing materials and access to EPOWer!

We want to thank you for a fabulous 2011 and are looking forward to the opportunity to continue to earn your business in 2012.


Our Motto

   “A good Escrow Agent is like a Chess Master – always thinking several moves ahead”

CB Bain Education Summer Break

Be The Expert: Coldwell Banker Seal Summer Tech Summit

The Coldwell Banker Seal Summer Tech Summit is coming…. August 26, 2011! Jump start your fall with this AMAZING opportunity!

CB Bain Education Summer Break

Technology is moving at a rapid pace. Are you moving with it or are you still waiting for the bus?

Your Career Development team is pleased to bring Matthew Ferrara back to Coldwell Banker Seal Land to communicate with our teams about the best ways to use technology to better serve your consumers, increase your business, and connect with your sphere.

There’s no need to fear technology. There are so many uses for today’s real estate broker, ranging from super-novice to Steve Jobs Enthusiast! Finding your place in this wonderful world of technology is important. Your clients are already moving in, wouldn’t you want to be there to welcome them?

An example of great uses of technology include the use of video – Here’s a special invitation from Matthew Ferrara himself: Summer Tech Summit

  • Where: Shilo Inn at the Airport, Portland Oregon
  • When: August 26, 2011 9:00 AM-Noon (Continental Breakfast)

For more information contact your Principal Managing Broker.

This event is exclusive to Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal Agents, if you’re interested in joining Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal, Feel free to contact our Career Development Team at


Be the Expert: Service Stories

One of the things I’m most passionate about in business is Customer Service. I can easily recall the best and the worst of my experiences, from hotels that didn’t meet my expectations to my local dry cleaner who, when I’d forgotten my wallet at home said, “You can pay next time.”

I’ve always been fond of the phrase, “It’s the little things that make the greatest difference.” This time, I just happened to have a couple experiences with some companies that I wanted to share with you. These are examples of little things that made a big difference.

I do a significant amount of shopping online. Ok, really, it’s better if I just say that I do a significant amount of shopping and some of it is online. is one of my favorite places to buy electronic doo-dads. If I need an HDMI cable, or a new backup hard drive, an iPod or a wireless router, or really anything, this is where I look. It’s a veritable cornucopia of online shopping goodness.

Recently, I moved into a new apartment that doesn’t allow box-type air conditioners in the window unless they’re professionally installed with clear plexiglass, etc. I knew I was going to want to have an air conditioner when and if summer finally hit the Pacific NW. I priced handy-person services and realized that it was going to be more cost-effective for me to buy an upright/freestanding AC uni, than it would be to get my little box AC unit installed.

I fired up my favorite web browser and went shopping. I snagged a pretty awesome deal! While I waited for it to arrive, I patiently watched every step of the delivery process (patient may be an exaggeration here) and waited for the day my new AC unit would arrive. When it did, like a kid in a candy store, I tore into layer upon layer of cardboard and styrofoam. I unpacked its contents with great care and got ready to install my new air conditioner. Then I saw this:

A broken remote

I emailed the shipper with photos of my broken remote and within a couple hours received the following response: “We wanted to inform you that the warehouse has notified us that they are shipping out a new remote to you today. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you. If you have any other questions please let us know.” I received the new remote the very next day.
Recently, I bought a couple new watches from in two separate orders. After paying for shipping, I waited patiently (see my earlier description of “patient”) and ran to my mailbox on the day they were to be delivered. Instead of my shiny, new, silver watches, I received two little notices from my post office: “additional postage required for delivery.” Huh? What? I’d already paid for the shipping. I shouldn’t have to pay for additional postage. Now I also had to drive to the post office during business hours to pick up something that should have been left in my mailbox.
I contacted Overstock, who immediately apologized for the error and offered two suggestions: I could pick up the watches from the post office and they would reimburse my credit card for the original shipping and the additional postage or they could send out replacement orders and just wait for the ones at the post office to be returned. Either way, they wanted to make sure I was a happy customer. I chose to go to the post office, pick up my watches, and be on my way.
I didn’t have a chance to get to the post office for a couple days, but when I did, I emailed a copy of my receipt to the customer service representative who I’d been working with, who not only credited my shipping and the additional postage, he also placed a service credit on my account for the next time I go shopping.

Those two experiences remind me why I spend my money with these two businesses. It doesn’t always take grand gestures or great efforts to get the attention of your customers. It can be done with little things and small efforts.

In Real Estate it could be something as simple as making a follow up phone call to a client who has moved into their new home or maybe it’s presenting them with a nice pen to do their signing with; something they can keep and cherish.

I’m sure you could get a discount on them if you shopped online.