Coldwell Banker Previews International Event comes to Kirkland, WA

The Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal  Premiere Previews Event is promising to provide ideas, direction and motivation for all brokers interested in the luxury market. Karen Burke, Senior Director for Coldwell Banker will discuss the concept behind the Previews brand, where it’s been and where it’s going, new tools to expect, statistics on its market strength Betty Graham, head of marketing

Video: It’s not just for promotion any more

There is lots of talk about incorporating video in to the marketing of your listings.  You may have considered making a personal video starring you—what you do for your clients or giving out some tips about today’s marketplace.  One of our brokers, Michael Ackerman, takes an idea and spins it into a two minute tip

When buying a home: Why not “on or before”?

Why not “on or before”?  Often a buyer and seller aren’t sure when they want to close.  They would like to write in the contract that the closing will be “on or before” a certain date.  Brokers will sometimes go along with this thinking that the issue will be resolved later. Therein lays the problem.  

Don’t Compromise Yourself—It’s all you got

And yet—most real estate transactions are all about compromise.  The perfect house has yet to be built.  Buyers have their list of features. Then the savvy broker says—“tell me your top three”, not because they wouldn’t love to find all 20—but because it isn’t likely to happen. The broker serves the buyer by helping to

CB Bain’s Kimberly Brangwin’s Top 3 take-aways from Generation Blue

Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue (Gen Blue) was one of the best conferences I have been to in years.  The speakers had vital points to share and communicated in clear concise ways.  I took away ideas that I will put into practice from nearly every speaker.  My top three were Mathew Ferrara “Secrets of Social Networking”