Professionally Speaking: We Are Not Commodities

From the Desk of Mark Schedler

Professionally speaking, our common enemy is the notion that we can be replaced by an entertaining website.   We have competitors who don’t offer our professional level of service but they want our clients.  They feed the notion that our professions are really commodities – one broker is the same as another so the cheapest is best.   The best lawyer has the lowest hourly rate or the free initial interview.  Our challenge is to deliver our full service message in everything we do.   One way is to help clients identify the professionalism that makes the difference in title, lending, escrow, law, inspections and the other services you refer.   Show them how experience, commitment, training and commitment are worth the price they’re paying.  If you refer these services based on price you’ll be telling your clients you’re a commodity, too.

Professionally Speaking, Seller / Private Financing

From the Desk of Mark Schedler

Professionally speaking, good brokers can, without practicing law, help their clients understand that individuals thinking of loaning some of the purchase price usually don’t make it to closing. When they realize there’s no safe way to avoid the expensive and time consuming process of foreclosure; and perhaps bankruptcy; or they simply realize there could be many months without payments, they move on to more liquid forms of investment. In this market it’s almost impossible to prefer a buyer who can’t or won’t get financing over a buyer with a good lender. Buyers’ brokers should avoid wasting their time with unqualified buyers. Seller’s brokers can help their clients get the legal advice they need to decide if they are the rare seller who should consider seller financing. Finally, beware introducing a buyer to a client who might be willing to make a private loan. It could make you a loan originator or securities trader. Your Principal Managing Broker can help you safely handle these issues. 

Mark Schedler is an attorney with Williams Kastner, a full-service law firm with offices in Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. Mr. Schedler and his firm have done legal work for CBBain/Seal,its   business partners and clients for many years. Mark collaborates with CBBain/Seal brokers to give their clients the professional level of experience that has led to the success of both the company and the law firm.

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