From the Trenches: Why Not Now-5 Good Reasons to keep working.

WHY NOT NOW? Every year around this time, I hear “the holidays are coming” repeated approximately every three minutes, by real estate brokers looking for an excuse to stop “working”….and by working, I mean “prospecting”, “listing homes” and “showing homes” (it gets dark earlier, have you noticed?)  For several reasons I would like to dispel

From the Trenches: Rating the Experience

The Principal Managing Brokers (sometimes known as Branch Managers) have spent many hours discussing how to measure the customer experience, once the transaction closes.  Shall we send surveys?  Shall we call or email or text the customer?  If the goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers, how do we measure up? 

Contracts, Purchase and Listing Agreement…It’s Complicated

FROM THE TRENCHES… Contracts?  Purchase Agreements?  Listing Agreements? What’s the big deal? For the past 36 years, I have watched the evolving process of listing and selling real estate with curiosity and concern.  Just how complicated does it need to be?  Trust me when I tell you how simple it was in 1975 (you probably