Emma email marketing launches to CB Bain Seal brokers

Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal provides you, our brokers, with the best and most comprehensive set of tools to assist in building, growing and maintaining your real estate business.  We know how important email marketing is and we wanted to provide a robust platform so that you can create, send, and track the results.  To that

Get Set for Success with Contactually

It has been a full year since our company, Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal launched Contactually to all of our brokers. As with any tool, it takes some time to get people on board, trained and in the habit of using a new system. We decided to assess the effectiveness of Contactually. We looked at year-to-date

Ready, Set, Go… with Contactually in 2015

Ready, Set, Go…with Contactually! The prime home buying and selling season is right around the corner so now is a very good time to organize your contact list to be ready and set to go in 2015. While preparing your holiday cards and letters you can also update your contacts/database. Not sending a holiday mailing

Professionally Speaking: We Are Not Commodities

From the Desk of Mark Schedler Professionally speaking, our common enemy is the notion that we can be replaced by an entertaining website.   We have competitors who don’t offer our professional level of service but they want our clients.  They feed the notion that our professions are really commodities – one broker is the same