CB Bain and CB Seal Continuing Education

CB Bain Upcoming Classes in April and May (New Classes Added)

New Brokers- Fast Start Training- April 8-12th- next week…
(this won’t be offered again until August)

Special Sessions for Personal Safety Training for Brokers coming up in April (only time this year)

April 11th- “My Will to Survive” Personal Safety Training for Brokers- Lake Union office
April 25th- “My Will to Survive” Personal Safety Training for Brokers- Vancouver Square office


Here is a list of other upcoming classes in April and May…

CB Bain:

CB Seal:


To view all of our upcoming training opportunities please visit: www.cbbainsealtraining.eventbrite.com

Agent Reboot Portland – 6/6/12: LIVE BLOG!

Agent Reboot is an event to help real estate professionals learn how to best use marketing and technology that is happening NOW! It’s a 6 hour event that includes TONS of takeaways for real estate professionals.

Throughout the day I will be blogging LIVE! Follow along and learn tons of great tips and tricks of the trade! Follow the stream or check back often and watch the info fill your screen!

03:13 pm

Well that’s the end folks! I hope you found the live blogging beneficial! If you didn’t catch the stream live you can always scroll down and read of the beginning when you have time!

If you have any questions or need help with any of this feel free to shoot me a message! 🙂


03:06 pm

Another tool from Inman is RE Messenger: http://www.remessenger.com/

A tool to create effective newsletters and flyers for real estate professionals. Pretty Nifty!

03:02 pm

Need a great news source?…


Fantastic industry related news that you can use for content curation for your blog or sharing online!


02:58 pm

The panelists say that Google+ has HUGE potential with all of its integration tools. If you aren’t there… think about getting there. Think of CONNECTING there and not as much posting.

02:52 pm

We are on to talking about Jessica’ s Facebook pages now… She has a personal and a business page.

It’s seeming more and more that Facebook business pages aren’t really necessary if you have your personal page organized and set up to be used for personal and business. Facebook is about connecting and staying connected with people you want to work with, you should build those relationships on a personal level.

02:48 pm

Another website tip from the Anatomy of an Agent…

Pay attention to your domain name and customize it to you or your business.

02:46 pm

Another piece to add some POP to your website… Check out http://socialbios.com/! —- IT’S FREE!!


02:44 pm

Some feedback from the panelists… Show your personality on your website, make sure it’s reflecting who YOU are!

02:39 pm

Our own Jessica Baker from Longview, WA is going on now!!


Anatomy of an Agent is up next!!

02:36 pm

Mark Whitmar from Century 21 reiterates how important it is to be consistent, convenient and simple!

02:25 pm

Don’t wait!

Be an initiator!

Start to ask for those reviews or even better GIVE them to your colleagues and vendors. They will most likely return the favor.


Share your positive experiences online and highlight those stories!

02:19 pm

If you want to improve your business…


Companies like Zappos or Dropbox don’t really need to advertise because they are genuine and remarkable enough to have people doing word of mouth marketing for them!

02:15 pm

Are you paying attention to online reviews and managing your reputation?

Your clients probably are!

02:13 pm

The breakdown…

02:09 pm

Jimmy Mackin is up now! Talking about “Avoiding a Social Media Disaster!”

02:07 pm

Cool App Alert!:

  • GetGlue (Share what your watching on TV and engage with people with like interests)
  • Google+ (Check this out if you aren’t there already, there are some awesome tools built-in)

02:02 pm

If you aren’t aware of it already… Get to Know LowesRealtorBenefits.com

This offers great discounts and can be used for an AWESOME marketing tool!

02:00 pm

Some stats about Clients…


  • 89% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker.
  • 2/3 of recent buyers only interview one broker before they found the ONE.
  • 39% of sellers who used a broker found their agent through a referral.
  • 22% used the broker they worked with previously.

Stay connected with you past clients!!


01:55 pm

Chris Smith is back to talk about “12 Things you are not doing with Facebook.”

Down and dirty facebook tips to help grow your biz on facebook!

  1. Pump up your Timeline! (Cover photo, Profile Pic, Tabs, Contact Info)
  2. Start asking better questions. (Think of questions that will get engagement!)
  3. Tags. (put the “@” in front of someone’s name will tag them in the post, that person will get a notification, which in turns links people back)
  4. Facebook Search. (enter specific words or phrases and select ‘Public Post’) – make sure you use quotes around the term so it doesn’t break up the words and just searches the phrase.
  5. Facebook Groups (You’ve heard this from me before! CB Bain | Seal has an awesome internal group here: CB Bain | Seal – In the Know, if you don’t see a group create it and be the expert!)
  6. Learn about Subscribe (Turn this feature on, this allows people to see your public updates but nothing else, if someone friend requests you, you don’t have to accept or decline)
  7. Learn about Interest Lists. (Look back to the mini-post about www.facebook.com/addlist)
  8. Say THANK YOU! (Yes, your momma was and is always right… remember your manners, even online! Thank the people that like your page)
  9. Landing Pages (Gives your Facebook page a full website feel, check out Short Stack)
  10. Registration Box (Google: Facebook Registration Box – this will get you set up with a contact info collection box for your Facebook page! Check out: http://www.leadconversionapp.com/)
  11. Promote. (You can pay to be in people’s news feed)
  12. Friend of Friend Advertising – Facebook.com/advertising


01:37 pm

You don’t need a website… You need a TECH GUY! A good tech guy will handle all that for you!

If you need a tech guy/company check out Virtual Results!

01:34 pm

“Websites don’t make THEMSELVES successful”

01:33 pm

“If you don’t have a well designed website… Don’t even talk to me about Twitter!” – Chris Smith

Is your website working for you?

You need a site that doesn’t create “work” for you, it should solve that lead problem we talked about earlier.

01:32 pm

Your social media “puzzle” can be simple… Use the ones that DRIVE TRAFFIC!

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

01:30 pm

What are YOUR problems?

  1. “I don’t have enough time!”
  2.  “I don’t have any leads!”

The lead part is the easiest to handle…


That’s all you need to know about Internet Marketing! Do you feel like an expert yet?!…

01:27 pm

Jim Marks is up again talking TOOLS!

“Tools don’t create work… Tools cure problems!”

01:23 pm

Some misc. Apps that will give you get info:

  • Zite (Think of a personalized/customized news source to be used for content creation/curation)
  • Greplin (Think of it has Google specifically for YOUR life/sphere)

01:21 pm

Now lets talk MONEY!

Apps to help with Finances:

  • YNAB (Stands for You Need a Budget)
  • Expensify (take a pic of your receipt and write a note about what it was for. End of the year, send that file to your CPA. Done and Done!)

01:19 pm

Apps for Marketing:

  • WordPress (create & edit your blog posts on the go!)
  • Tout (Short videos that you can share out… 15 sec videos!)
  • Streamzoo (Android. Photo app to share out)
  • Instagram (Photo app to share out)
  • Cinch (Records audio that can then be shared out)

01:17 pm

Apps that will help you be a better YOU and essentially more productive.

  • Sleep Cycle (This tracks your sleep patterns and will help you get into a good sleep pattern)
  • iTimeBox (helps you track min/max time to keep you aware of how you are spending your time)
  • dPomodoro (google: Pomodoro Technique)

01:13 pm

3 Apps that should be on your phone when using technology in your biz…

  • Hootsuite (3rd party social media management dashboard)
  • Facebook (social networking site)
  • Evernote (Store and share notes, articles, snipits and more)

01:10 pm

You know I love the stats… Here’s another.

43% is the percentage of emails that are opened on an iPhone!

The iPhone has nearly 1 million times more computing power than the Apollo 11 did! And you carry that in your pocket! YOWZA!

01:08 pm

AND WE’RE BACK!… Darin Persinger is going to share some app love right now!

1st snipit… 26.6% of U.S. households are mobile only. Meaning NO LAND LINE!

Another tidbit… 41.6% of mobile internet time for users in the US is email!

12:03 pm

Lunch time… More posts to come at 1pm. 🙂

11:49 am

Cool App Alert: Realtor.com App. This app has some pretty nifty pieces to it!

11:44 am

Stephen Pacinelli is up now to talk about “Marketing Your Marketing!”

11:43 am

Cool App Alert: “Cinemagr.am” Adds movement to what looks to be  still photo.

11:41 am

Cool App Alert: “Home Snap” This app lets you discover cool homes in interesting areas. Take a pic of the house and it will pull all the data on that house.


11:37 am

Solution: create a content grid



11:27 am

How many time have you asked yourself… “What are we going to post today?”

A Content Strategy helps you answer this question. It takes the guesswork of it.

“Without a strategy you are just throwing something against the wall and seeing if it sticks.”

11:25 am

Katie Lance is on next with my fav topic… CONTENT STRATEGY!


11:23 am

Take your offline people and move them online.

You can connect on a whole new level!

11:22 am

So your sphere of influence is the most important thing in your business… But are you keeping those people in your sphere and growing?

YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW UP! Staying in contact is key to repeat business and growing your sphere.

Social Media changes how much time and effort this takes… This is the way to create conversation with WAY MORE PEOPLE!

11:18 am

Where does your business come from?

– Sphere of Influence!

BUT what does it take to get those people/clients in your sphere of infulence.


11:14 am

Jim Marks is up now! He is going to share some tips on how Social Media can help your business…

11:13 am

Chris Smith is sharing how to Transform your Backend with Google!

1. Use Google Chrome. The browser has its own app store/web store, meaning shortcuts!

2. GMail.  Check out Reportive & WiseStamp.

side note: If you’re not willing to try things 3 times then don’t bother. It will take you 3 times to know how you feel about it.

3. Google Drive. This is pretty similar to Dropbox, it’s all about sharing. 5GB for free.

4. HowToGoMo.com (this will grade your mobile site, they will strip all sites that are not mobily optimized when a person is searching on a mobile device soon.)

5. Google Maps. Use the functionality there in your blog posts by snagging the HTML code.

6. Google Places. Google just combined this into Google+.

7. Google Analytics. Set it up for your site and view your traffic data.

8. Google Keywords. A great tool to see what terms in a specific area and use those tags and terms in your blog posts.

GOOGLE IN A NUTSHELL via Chris Smith. Follow @GoogleRE on Twitter.

10:52 am

Another tip when using the iPad in business… Turn off the Notifications, they are distracting.

10:50 am

Chris Smith is sharing how he uses his iPad in business.

Use folders to organize your apps. Press and hold an app and then drag it over the top of a similar app, the option to create & name folders.

10:28 am

Cool App Alert: “Weottago” – Takes your location and gives you an idea of things to do around you!

10:24 am

It’s great to appreciate the “Yesterday Marketing” (it still works) but embrace the “Move into Today!”

10:22 am

Should you be on the internet?


  • Exposure – it’s 24/7 marketing for you!
  • Reviews – the public reads them! (Zillow found that with their Premier Agents with 5 + reviews get more biz)
  • Profiles – Get your info set up and OUT THERE!
  • Education – DON’T STOP LEARNING!

10:19 am

Real estate marketing then and now…


  • MLS Books
  • Bus Bench Ads


  • Facebook
  • Internet

10:17 am

Jay Thompson from Zillow is up now to talk about Real Estate Marketing Yesterday vs. Today!

10:13 am

Yet ANOTHER awesome tool for video creation…


10:12 am

Another FANTASTIC way to use video is by having your clients do Testimonial Videos and post them on your blog/website.

It doesn’t need to be fancy and prospects will LOVE IT!

10:10 am

The easiest way to create video… HIRE SOMEONE!

BUT that isn’t what you HAVE to do… Do a video tour.

Key points to a video tour:

1. The Opening – Have a fun opening with you on camera, introducing the home and yourself.

2. Highlights – A walk through isn’t necessary. Show the best features.

3. Share YOUR favorite features. – Step back in front of the camera and share your fav features.

4. The Ending – Give a call to action with how the viewer can contact you.

10:04 am

You don’t have to be on camera to do video!

Create a Screencast! (This will capture what is on your screen and let you do a voice over)

Check out:

PC – Camtasia, Jing or Screenr

MAC – Camtasia, Screenflow or Screenr


Make a .ppt file

PC – Powerpoint, Open Office – presentation or Google Docs

Mac – Powerpoint, Keynote, Open Office – presentation or Google Docs


AND A USB MICROPHONE! Great tools to get you started, if you aren’t comfortable on screen!


10:00 am

Darin isn’t technical guy… His 2 tech tips for video: 1. BRIGHT LIGHTS and 2. Make sure the device is set to VIDEO!

May seem simple but both are SUPER important!


09:57 am

Darin Persinger is up to talk about VIDEO!

09:56 am

Facebook has introduced a new app for the iPhone, aside from their regular Facebook App.

-Facebook Camera App (this will only show you images from your FB friends and also let you take and filter pix)

Pretty nifty!


09:52 am

Zero Moment of Truth” is a great book to check out. It talks about how we make our decisions.

09:51 am


This will find people that are possible connections. You can see what mutual friends you have and make that online connection.

09:47 am

Another awesome way to stay sane on Facebook… www.facebook.com/addlist

This will sort interests and let you subscribe and create content from stuff that is relevant to what you do.

09:45 am

If you take one thing away from today about Facebook… ORGANIZE! It will save you time and sanity!

09:44 am

555 Strategy is effective with connecting on Facebook!

– Engage on 5 people’s walls

– Send 5 Direct  Messages

– Connect with 5 people in a chat

You can change the number in this too. Do what works for you! Let us know how it works for you.

09:43 am

Tips for effective Facebook usage…

Organize the people who mean to most to you… Who are the people that you WANT to work with and you care about connecting with. Use lists!


Facebook has built in “Smart Lists” but you can create your own! Categorize your peeps!

Be careful what you name your lists because even though others can’t see the list names now… Well, we all know how often Facebook updates their policies!

09:39 am

Jimmy Mackin is up now talking about Facebook Marketing for Busy People.


09:37 am

Instagram is a fun photo sharing and photo editing app that makes pictures POP!

It’s photos and it’s mobile!

09:35 am

TweetStats is a nice analytics tool for twitter too.

09:34 am

How to get more followers… (That’s the point right?!)

-Follow More

-Tweet Often

-Be generous… Tweet about OTHERS more than you tweet about yourself!


-Be Consistent


Katie Lance is a believer in “No Tweet Left Behind!”

09:32 am

Hootsuite is a nice tool to manage your twitter feeds. You can schedule tweets here as well. Scheduling your tweets is a little like drip marketing, who has time to be on twitter all day!? Schedule some posts for peak times in the day, play around with times and see when people connect with you. You can also tweet the same tweet more than once if you schedule it out.

09:29 am

Another great tool available through Twitter: twitter.com/search

You can search terms and follow or connect with people who are tweeting about that topic.


09:28 am

Twitter101: When you start a tweet with the person’s Twitter name it only is visible to the people that follow you and that person, not the whole world. (ex: @skynnard Thanks for all you do!) Only the people that ‘follow’ both Linda (skynnard) and I will see that message.


09:26 am

Fill out your profile on Twitter, make sure to include that you are in real estate but also had some personal info too!

Want a great example? Check out Debra Trappen’s profile: www.twitter.com/debra11

09:23 am

What does it mean to “suck at twitter”?

-Tweeting irrelevant & stupid content

-Tweeting listings – if you want to tweet about your listings be creative… PHOTOS… HINT HINT!

-Constant self-promotion


-Auto messages… BOO!

-Not responding to messages. No one likes to be ignored. 😉

09:21 am

Do you SUCK at Twitter?

Katie Lance is on stage now talking about how she got on Twitter!

Here’s how Twitter works:




If you are following these 3 guidelines you won’t suck at twitter! That’s the goal when using it right?

09:18 am

Want to make 0k a year in real estate…. Here’s some things to try…


Got an iPad?  75% of 0k earners in Real Estate have an iPad.

3 things that make you the most money:

1. Past Client/Referrals

2. Website

3. Social Media Presence

09:15 am

Photography is the number one thing that buyers are looking for online. Think beyond uploading photos just for the MLS sake… Add more photos (in AVA for CBBainSealers) to get more ‘Google Juice!’

Pictures are everywhere and hugely popular right now.

09:12 am

Another hot snipit… Over 3 billion Google searches are done in a day; Answering 34,000 question per second. Is your website answering questions?

Think about it…

09:11 am

The average email user receives 147 messages every day, and spend more than 2.5 hours on email a day. OY!

In average, we delete 71 of those, which takes just under 5 minutes.

Want to get rid of all that junk?  Check out the app “Unroll.” This will unsubscribe you for all those advertising emails that we all get!

Another fun app for actual paper mail is “Paper Karma.” Take a pic of your junk mail and it will stop those from coming to your house. HELLO COOL-NESS!

09:08 am

How will we be using our mobile devices in the future? By 2015 64.4% of mobile users will be using their device to view videos, 21.% in other Mobile Web/Data. Voice calling… get this… 0.4%!

09:06 am

25 hours of video per min are uploaded to YouTube and 12,000+ new ads are posted on craigslist every minute! How are you using your minutes?


Chris is sharing that 64% of Twitter users say they are more likely to buy from the brands they follow and 51% of Facebook users say they are more likely to buy from the brands they follow. Interesting stats!

09:03 am

09:03 am

Chris Smith is up on stage first!

The official hashtag for Agent Reboot is #agentrb if you want to follow along on twitter.

08:33 am

I just got all set up here at Agent Reboot Portland! There is A LOT of buzz from eager to learn brokers at the Oregon Convention Center!

Today should be a jam packed day of fun and learning. I’m looking forward to blogging throughout the event so make sure you watch this post or check back often!