Don't shoot me I'm just the real estate agent

Don’t Shoot me, I’m Just the Real Estate Agent!

This special guest post from our education partners, The Rockwell Institute. If you’ve taken Rockwell’s courses or have a few years of experience under your belt, you know that ignoring real estate “red flags” is a good way to get yourself into trouble. Real estate red flags are often related to the property itself—those water stains

Coldwell Banker Bain Brokers are Buzzing

The #swaggagurlz have been preachin’ for months that consumers admit to believing a mere 14% of what business owners “advertise” about themselves. They are no longer interested in WHO is #1, but how their experience will be with the business or salesperson.  They want to hear from other people who have done business with them…

Ready or Not…Here Comes MOBILE!

I am THRILLED to announce our new personalized mobile websites for Coldwell Banker Bain and Coldwell Banker Seal brokers!!  Our tech geeks and marketing peeps have been working non-stop to develop new mobile versions of and… and made sure that they can be custom-branded for every broker! We all know that Smartphone and

CB Bain CB Seal Video Contest

Lights, Camera, Action…Show your Video Skillz for the WIN

As you know, at CB Bain | Seal we talk about the importance of video all the time, the statistics about how people buying and selling homes want it and how important it is for you to use it to grow and differentiate your business. So we’ve decided to celebrate video and reward those who

To Preview… Or Not To Preview. That is the question.

A favorite part of my position as Director of Career Development and Training here at Coldwell Banker Bain and Coldwell Banker Seal is sharing time with our brokers during workshops and classes. Last week it was my pleasure to teach the first two sessions of our FastStart workshop series for a room full of passionate CBSeal brokers…