Welcome to TODAY – A Return to Normal

Today — the market we have “Today” is the real market; the real market is our “normal” market Real estate follows roughly 10-year cycles. In the normal times, the number of homes bought and sold is about 5% of the total households. At some point in the 10-year cycle (and for various reasons) buyers decide

Supply and Demand

ECON 101: The Effect of Supply and Demand on Real Estate Values

Northwest homeowners, take heart…the value of your home is about to succumb to the most basic of economic laws—supply and demand. And that’s good news. Yes, values have fallen…and if you listen to the national media reports, you likely believe they will continue to fall. But many of our urban-core neighborhoods are now experiencing something

Be The Expert: CB Bain and CB Seal Your Partners in Education

Continuing education is probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself in any career. This is even more important in Real Estate. Things change rapidly in Real Estate, whether it is a law change at the government level, a regulation change based on a legal matter or a change in best

Tell Me Something Good:The Power of the Positive

IT WAS ANNOUNCED IN WASHINGTON D.C. TODAY THAT THE REAL ESTATE MARKET WILL NOT STABILIZE FOR AT LEAST 20 YEARS! Now that I have your attention…keep reading… Isn’t it amazing, the power of a negative headline?  In January of 2008 at my first Snohomish County business meeting of the year for my troops I announced that our

Open House – Tips on Hosting a Professional Event

The National Association of REALTORS® Global Open House weekend fast approaching so I wanted to share some tips on hosting professional open houses. Disclosure: If you have attended my FastStart session on this topic – these may sound familiar. First of all… most of us have come to recognize that the MAIN reason we host these