Need information Quickly? Try Qwiki

Sometimes I try a new product or website and then forget that I have signed up for it.  This website that I am sharing with you today, Qwiki is one of those sites I signed up for almost a year ago and completely forgot about. So what is Qwiki? Simply put, Qwiki is an “Information

Slow down:why getting back to managing relationships is key to our success

For most of last decade, a primary motivation for buying or selling real estate was Speculation. Buyers took fast action to earn money, then quickly became sellers to keep from losing it. In that environment quick action – and quicker decisions – were necessary, and we all adjusted our real estate practices to move at

Debra Trappen

Connecting on LinkedIn for your Real Estate Business

The last few weeks I have seen an interesting shift and somewhat alarming trend with the LinkedIn business networking platform – specifically as it applies to the Real Estate industry. Check out this video to hear my thoughts and the challenge I give to every viewer. I look forward to reading your thoughts below.  Thanks

Social Media Week Vancouver Requests Debra Trappen’s Expertise!

Guest Post from: Teri Conrad of Vancouver… in Canada. Hey Coldwell Banker Bain | Seal Gang!  I’m Teri Conrad (@TLCHOME) and I’m a licensed Realtor® in Vancouver, BC.  I jumped on the Social Media train back in 2007 and have been very active in our social scene here in Vancouver ever since.  As a result