When it’s okay to say the A word!

When it’s Ok to say the A Word! That’s right…Accountability! Today’s Real Estate Professional needs an accountability partner more than ever before. There are fewer transactions, tougher transactions and wary consumers. Why not have a partner that will look out for your best interests.CB Seal Broker Partnership Personal business coaching is the key to an agents success in good times and bad. Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly sessions will help the real estate professional stay on track. Here are 6 key reasons to engage a business coach.

1. They take a personal interest in your success You have heard it said many times that success breeds success. Your coach is only as successful as his customer.

2. Measurable Progress The best coaches will use some form of a tracking sheet or software program. This allows both you and the coach to track the number of contacts, appointments and contracts on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This is very helpful to stay on task and not miss an opportunity to convert that new client to a sales contract.

3. Push the restart button Did your business stall out this year? Did you hit a slump? Working with a coach helps you stay on track and focus on the key business generating and sales activities that assures you success.

4. “If you fail to plan, plan to fail” We have all heard this one before, midyear business review and of course annual business planning sets the foundation from which to work on and strive for over the next year.

5. Outside looking in Sometimes we get caught up in the drama and stress of a transaction. It helps for your coach to be able to look over Brian Houston glassesevery aspect of your business and guide your energy in the right direction.

6. Subconscious Accountability If you know your coach is going to ask you how you are tracking on your goals and objective you are more likely to  achieve them knowing subconsciously that you have to report back to him on your performance status.

Brian Houston is the Principal Managing Broker for Coldwell Banker Seal Properties – Uptown Branch Portland, Oregon. Brian meets with his agents weekly, bi-weekly or monthly helping them to meet or exceed their business goals. These coaching sessions are free to his agents and are a valuable tool to the success of his office

Are You Hearing or Listening?

A mentor once told me that when meeting people, often we think we hear what others are saying when in reality we are playing both sides of the conversation, anticipating what is being said versus listening to what is actually being said.

I’ve always been drawn to this theory. As someone who has worked in a customer service related capacity for the better part of twenty years I’ve had many conversations. When I have experienced situations where I was fairly knowledgeable I catch my mind wandering within the conversation and have to consistently practice active listening.

I also test if others are actively listening to me regularly in my conversations. How? You ask? Here’s my trick:

When you meet someone for the first time, or when you’re seeing an old friend, it’s common to greet them with the phrase, “Hi! How are you/How have you been?” Customarily, this will elicit a like response, “I’m good/great, and you?” This is where the conversation can go awry. Try, just once, not asking the second question: “and you?” You’ll find, often, that people will have anticipated the question, and will respond without hesitation.

While we want to remain friendly and inquire how our friends and new acquaintances are, we also want to be heard, and we want our friends and business contacts to be genuine and listen intently. Think about it the next time you’re asked “How are you?” or “How have you been?” Are you truly listening to the answer or just passing the time until you get to speak again?

(Used under Creative Commons, Thank you: Sfllaw!)

There are so many ways to be present in your conversations, Ehow.com offers some great tips on how to practice some effective active listening techniques:

  • Consciously schedule or set aside time when you next have a conversation with someone so you will not be rushed or hurried. Be realistic about how long you need and avoid scheduling anything to close to your time with that person. (Translated: Don’t be rushed, give yourself plenty of time.)
  • Review what you know about this person and what they are talking about in your head silently while they are speaking. Keep a mental list of things you want to talk about or inquire about when they finish speaking. (Translated: Prepare for your meetings or interactions whenever possible, know what information you need or objectives you wish to accomplish.)
  • Ensure that you are in a quiet and comfortable area during your conversation. Make sure the person you are talking to is comfortable, and be receptive to the person. (Translated: Create an environment that facilitates open communication. Actively engage their statements.)
  • Continue to focus on what the other person is saying. Give non-verbal cues for understanding like nodding or, if you don’t understand, frowning to help them know if you are understanding what they are saying. (Translated: Remind yourself to stay engaged, don’t think about your next appointment, what’s going on with your last transaction, or problems you’re having with short sale. Provide clues that you’re in agreement or disagreement with what’s being said.)
  • Respond to questions if you are elicited to do so. Find a natural pause in their speech to interject and ask them if they were finished before you interrupt. (Translated: Don’t step on the heels of a statement, respond thoughtfully to questions.)

Read more: How to Practice Active Listening | eHow.com

Introducing Our New Site!

The CB Bain | Seal Career Development (CD) team is delighted to announce our new website and blog.  You have heard CB Bain and CB Seal Pacific NW Real Estate us “talking the talk” about doing this for a very long time.  Well, the team has officially Walked the Walk – putting what CD coaches you on doing into practice ourselves. The static information and website have been translated it all into  this newly designed (by our very own Linda Aaron) WordPress site with the IN THE KNOW blog!

Our mission  is for this to be a fluid work in progress… growing, building and expanding on the vision of creating a place for YOU!  The ultimate goal with this blog is to share what the company is up to and give you a peek into what’s coming.  Whether it is reviewing new technology that your CD & TechLine team members like Debra Trappen,  Dennis Holland, or Linda Aaron are exploring, vendors doing business with us, or trainers who are coming in to share their knowledge – the team wants you to be IN THE KNOW about it all.  There will also be guest posts from our very own Principle Managing Brokers, Property Management team, Advanced RE Solutions group, and our CB Bain | Seal resources like Marketing, IT, Biz Partners, etc!  If there are things YOU want to know, shoot us an email (careerdev@cbbainseal.com) or tweet us up @cbbainseal!

So – go – click around… explore… go ahead – take the fast 10 minute assessment and find out what it says about your “skillz” – if you dare!

The team looks forward to hearing from each of you… until then, we will keep on keeping you “In The Know”!