How can a listing agent represent both parties in a transaction?

There is confusion surrounding agency and exactly who the listing agent should represent when the Buyer comes directly to them without the representation of another agent. Assuming the listing agent had no previous relationship with the Buyer, their representation should remain with the Seller. When you really think about it this is the logical route,

Seattle Bellevue Housing Up

Demand for Puget Sound Homes Increases

Recently I was contacted by KING 5 News regarding a story they had been ‘pitched’ from another real estate company. Apparently, this other company had sold 10 homes with multiple-offers recently, and felt that this was a sign that the market was definitely heating up. Was I surprised? Wellll…no, not at all. Tracking the real-time

Don’t Compromise Yourself—It’s all you got

And yet—most real estate transactions are all about compromise.  The perfect house has yet to be built.  Buyers have their list of features. Then the savvy broker says—“tell me your top three”, not because they wouldn’t love to find all 20—but because it isn’t likely to happen. The broker serves the buyer by helping to

Portland/Vancouver Metro on the rebound!

Fueled by the formation of nearly 16,000 new jobs in the first quarter of 2011, the Greater Portland-Vancouver residential housing market has bounced off the bottom and is on the mend. Oregon Live: States saw uneven job growth last month, but Oregon was near the top While we are not totally out of the woods