Homeowners of America Unite!

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, a popular phrase was added to the American cultural lexicon; The Silent Majority. This phrase was intended to describe the vast number of U.S. citizens who were not protesting, sitting-in, dropping-out or otherwise doing anything overt about the important issues of the day. It was meant to

Are your real estate ads breaking the law?

Guest post from our education partners at the Rockwell Institute. Many brokers are confused about blind ads and other advertising requirements, especially if they’re part of a team that operates within their brokerage. The requirement that the firm’s name must appear in advertising applies even when a broker has his own company, with its own

Is Your Neighborhood Market Red-Hot, Tepid or Ice Cold? The Devil is in the Details

Recently, I decided to update some Bellevue-area numbers on housing demand to present at our weekly business meeting. I had a sense that West and East Bellevue (Areas 520 and 530), in particular, were really humming along—lots of buyer activity, and strong sales. I first looked at East Bellevue – check. Exactly as I had

Low Prices + Low Interest Rates = Affordability in Home Buying

Guest Post by:  Rhys Evans from Landover Mortgage Wow, what a week last week. Although it may feel like a good time to avoid any wall street news and focus on something more “positive”, the tumultuous market could be the perfect catalyst to take a 2nd look at Real Estate investing.  As we know, home

Finding gold in the rockslide

In Northwest parlance, the nation’s credit downgrade and the subsequent market volatility have been a lot like a rockslide – no one knows when they’ll stop or how much collateral damage they’ll inflict. But for real estate investors and brokers alike, the rockslide may not be all bad and may even have cracked open a