Our Education Team

LINDA AARON | Director of Training & Education

Linda began her career with Coldwell Banker Bain at our Lake Union branch.  She joined the corporate office in 2010 in her role as the Director of Training & Education in which she wrote and developed classes and workshop for brokers in the area related to computers, technology,  online marketing and social networking. In January 2012,  Linda refocused her attention on her role as Operations Coordinator for the Bain and Seal divisions.  The purpose of this role is to work with our branch staff to ensure that we are working efficiently and effectively in our operating systems and procedures. As of August 2012, Linda added the CB Bain Training and Education department to her responsibilities. Curious by nature and always seeking and learning about new technology, tools, and resources to bring the most up-to-date information to our broker and staff communities.  When she is not working, Linda is passionate about photography and enjoys travel and seeking new landscapes and subjects to capture with her lens. Linda is the proud mother of two grown daughters and is delighted to be the Nana of three beautiful grandchildren. She resides in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

MELISSA McGEE | Training Manager

Melissa started her Real Estate career in 2006. She began her CB Bain journey in 2016 at the Kirkland Branch as the Transaction Processor / Broker Support, and then shortly after, joined the Training and Education team. As the Training Manager, Melissa is responsible for planning, scheduling, promoting, and hosting broker and staff training events. She manages social media for the education department and our agent internal groups. Melissa hosts training webinars, assists new brokers with their training needs, as well as new branch staff. She also contributes to our “In the Know” education blog. She moved to Washington in 1995 from sunny San Diego. She was a competitive ballroom dancer and taught Dance Fitness for years. She is devoted to her health, as she loves to complete challenging hikes in our beautiful Pacific Northwest. Melissa is a loving mother to her two children and a positive role model to teach them how to become a light for others and give back to our community.

LAURA YAMANOHA | Recruiting Manager

For the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to work for a top Coldwell Banker affiliate as the Recruiting Strategist and Human Capital Talent Manager. I have a rigorous work ethic and appetite for helping our company grow. I am committed and passionate about our company mission and vision, serving my team, colleagues, and our industry. Each day there are opportunities to overcome a new challenge and grow by helping others through teamwork and collaboration. It’s so easy to feel excited about connecting agents to their careers and forming a creative and flexible vision for our company’s recruiting and talent attraction. Together, we attract the best and brightest real estate professionals that will elevate and become the future of our industry. We enjoy the whole process and of course, we are hiring.

JOEL KOLDING | Recruiting Assistant

Born and raised in Washington, Joel has always loved the Pacific Northwest and the abundance of creative energy that it has created. As the graphic designer with the recruiting department at Coldwell Banker Bain, Joel is tasked with the creation of print and web materials to help expand and develop the brand recognition for 32 branches throughout Washington and Oregon.  Joel is a lifelong advocate to the creative process and is constantly exploring new was make sure materials used at Coldwell Banker Bain reflect the talent and professionalism that this company has been built on.