Just One Click – Washington DOL, Social Media and Internet Advertising

Just One Click…That’s all it takes… As a practicing real estate broker, you are bound by certain rules and guidelines set forth by the Department of  Licensing and the State of Washington. When it comes to advertising, DOL is very clear about what is required for real estate advertising. In reviewing a few web sites and social media profiles, we

Don’t miss upcoming free clock hours this summer…

Here is a list of our upcoming clock hour classes/events: This article includes information on free clock hours for real estate continuing education classes for real estate brokers that we offer CB Bain/ CB Seal brokers only. Please click on the links to register or for more info. CB Bain: Basic Bankruptcy Law for RE

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“The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets”. Will Rogers   70% of lenders believe housing recovery is real A new survey of bank risk professionals shows the originations space warming to the idea of expanding home lending Q1 Consumer Outlook Survey showing Consumer Confidence in

Are you prepared for a personal attack?

Photo from Mywilltosurvive.org Personal safety for real estate brokers has become a growing area of concern. Physical assaults against  real estate brokers have been on the rise in our area. Despite popular belief, attacks can happen any time of the day or night. CB Bain/CB Seal has partnered with “My Will to Survive” self defense

CB Bain and CB Seal Continuing Education

Don’t be an April Fool… take some classes! New CB Bain/Seal classes added

Spread the word…New Brokers- Fast Start Training- April 8-12th- (this won’t be offered again until August) Only time this year: Special Sessions for Personal Safety Training for Brokers coming up in April April 11th- “My Will to Survive” Personal Safety Training for Brokers- Lake Union office April 25th- “My Will to Survive” Personal Safety Training for