Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue 2014 comes to the Pacific Northwest

CB Bain  | Seal Welcomes Generation Blue 2014 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC  hosts an annual event, “Generation Blue”  is an opportunity for Coldwell Banker brokers and agents from all over the globe to come together to network, share and learn.  This is a fantastic event but unfortunately not everyone is able to attend. During the

New Winter Classes added!

We are excited to present free winter classes for CB Bain and CB Seal brokers. Please visit the links for more info. CB Bain: List Hub Webinars, links below: Wed. 12/4 at 2pm PST: Thurs. 12/5 at 10am PST: Save the Dates: List Hub Webinars January 8th 2pm PST or Jan 9th 10am PST (log in

Upcoming Clock Hour Classes in Basic Foreclosure Class, Real Estate Law and more….

Here is a list of our upcoming clock hour classes/events: This article includes information on free upcoming clock hour classes for real estate continuing education for real estate brokers that we offer CB Bain/ CB Seal brokers only. Please click on the links to register or for more info. CB Bain: Basic Foreclosure Laws in

Cooperating Brokers

Join us for upcoming free live real estate classes

Don’t miss “Battle of the Brokers” on June 6th there are going to be a bunch of hot topics! Upcoming classes/events: Thursday Forums:  6/6 “Battle of the Brokers” (7 CH) Yarrow Bay Training Center.  6/20 Bankruptcy & Short Sales in the current market (No Clock Hours) Yarrow Bay Training Center. See the links to register

This week’s relevant links: Week of April 15th-19th, 2013

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