Coldwell Banker 2014 Social Squad

I am Gen Blue…Are you?

This will be my fourth time to attend a Coldwell Banker Generation Blue event. I have been thinking about how these events have had an impact on me both personally and professionally.

Back in 2011 social media had been gaining momentum and traction in the real estate space,and many of us from Coldwell Banker had been communicating and connecting over Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. Being the progressive thinkers they are, the marketing, PR and management team from Coldwell Banker recognized that “the times they were a changin” and decided to shake things up with a different style of conference and to that end, the first Generation Blue event was conceived and held in Las Vegas. This event was a departure from the traditional International Business Conferences of the past. Since I had never attended an IBC, I really didn’t have anything to compare it to.

From the moment I walked in to the registration area, I began meeting people in person that I had only been communicating with over the Internet. By the end of the event, we were fast friends. Matt Case, Sean Carpenter, David Marine, Andrea Geller, Matt Rathbun, Stephanie A Hahn, Jeremy Blanton, were my first Gen Blue friends and have remained an important part of my social network, and training mastermind group. Each year at Gen Blue the list grows longer with the people with whom I meet at Gen Blue and continue to collaborate with all year long.

Each Gen Blue event simply gets better and better. The speakers, presenters and panelist are carefully chosen to provide something of value for all generations who attend Gen Blue. The topics are current and relevant and cover everything from sales skills, modern marketing, video, technology, training, recruiting and brokerage management. This event is not only for agents but also trainers, owners and managers.   I am confident that if you choose to attend you will not be disappointed!

Coldwell Banker 2014 Social SquadThis will be my fourth time to serve on the Gen Blue Social Squad and it is an honor to represent Coldwell Banker Bain Seal and help to promote the event as one of the ambassador for Coldwell Banker. This year I will be joined by two of our CB Bain brokers, Chavi Hohm and Kim Colaprete aka “Team Diva” who will be sharing the social squad duties along with the other Coldwell Banker professionals listed here.  If you would like to connect or know more about the social squad, you can meet and connect with them online before the event.

The Gen Blue experience has taught me the value of connecting with other Coldwell Banker folks from all over the world to develop friendships and relationships. What we know better than any other industry is that when we build relationships, the business follows.

We have such a vast network of trainers, managers and agents with whom we can connect and have daily conversations via social media. Sharing knowledge, having fun and helping each other build business, not only benefits us as individuals but our industry as a whole. Consider this, with 84,900 agents in 49 countries and over 3,110 offices, we are truly an International company with a global reach. Just imagine the possibilities of networking and building your referral business!

Here is your personal invitation to Gen Blue from Coldwell Banker’s VP of engagement, David Marine. Listen to this lineup of a few of the speakers. I think you will be pretty impressed and they haven’t event announced all of the speakers, panelist and presenters.

If you would like to stay in the know get socially connected!

Twitter: Gen Blue Social Squad Twitter List

Facebook: Gen Blue Facebook Group

All of the information you need to plan your event: registration, travel, venue, speakers  may be found here:

Coldwell Banker Generation Blue

If you are planning to attend, drop a note in the comments section and let me know if you will be there.

Hope to see you there!

Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue 2014 comes to the Pacific Northwest

CB Bain  | Seal Welcomes Generation Blue 2014

Mike Fischer Gen Blue 2014
Michael Fischer, COO, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC,

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC  hosts an annual event, “Generation Blue”  is an opportunity for Coldwell Banker brokers and agents from all over the globe to come together to network, share and learn.  This is a fantastic event but unfortunately not everyone is able to attend.

During the course of the year, the Coldwell Banker Team travel to the regional areas to bring a scaled down version of Gen Blue to affiliates at the local level.  The Washington and Oregon Gen Blue events are just weeks away.

May 20, 2014 Gen Blue will be held at the Salem Convention Center in Salem, Oregon.  The event is scheduled from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, doors open at 9:15 AM.  In addition to all of the great learning opportunities, lunch will be included with your $29.00 fee.

May 22, 2014 Gen Blue will be held at Meydenbauer Conference Center, Bellevue, WA.  The event is scheduled from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM, doors open at 9:15 AM.   In addition to all of the great learning opportunities, lunch will be included with your $39.00 fee.

This year’s speaker list includes:

Chief Operating Officer,
Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC
“COO Keynote Address”
Vice President, Brand Engagement
Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC
“Why Storytellers Will Win the Future of Real Estate”
Vice President, Global Operations
Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC
“Global is the Difference”
Director, Content, Instruction & Engagement
Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC
“Be Nichèd: Defining Your Area of Expertise with Coldwell Banker University
Top Real Estate Coach and Speaker,
New York Times Bestselling Author
Tom Ferry – Your Coach
“Breakdown to Breakthroughs”

The afternoon session with Tom Ferry has been approved for 3 continuing education clock hours for Washington brokers.  Here is a short video from Tom in which he tells you what you can expect to learn in his session.  I have had the pleasure of hearing Tom speak and he is an excellent real estate coach.  His information is timely and relevant for your real estate practice.


You may access the registration links with full details for both events.  Washington and Oregon .   See you there!

Join us at Gen-Blue!

Why are YOU going to GenBlue?

Join us at Gen-Blue!Chris Falskow from our Coldwell Banker Bain Lake Union Office shares why he is going to GenBlue!


Having attended a couple of Coldwell Banker’s International Business Conferences (IBC) I was looking forward to going to GenBlue last year in Las Vegas. IBC was the old school way of doing real estate business – how to door knock, mailing, cold calling, etc. That was then, GenBlue is now!

For a while, we had seen a shift in our marketing on how we promote ourselves and do our business. The idea of Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue was just that. Social media had become commonplace for us to do our business. For those who were not-yet on Facebook, Twitter, blogging or other outlets, this was the conference for them. For those of us who have been using social media, it not only reinforced what we were doing, it took it to a whole new level. There is something for everyone at GenBlue. From the beginner to the most tech savvy, you WILL learn something at GenBlue. That is why I am so excited to go to New Orleans for this year’s conference! Not only are there great classes and great presenters (including our own Linda Aaron – @skynnard & Debra Trappen – @debra11!) but the networking is fantastic! I could go on, but I will leave you with this – Be there!

You still have time to register!! Get there! You WILL NOT regret it!

Register for Coldwell Banker | GenBlue TODAY!


p.s…. Check out who I got to meet at GenBlue last year!!

CB Bain’s Kimberly Brangwin’s Top 3 take-aways from Generation Blue

Coldwell Banker’s Generation Blue (Gen Blue) was one of the best conferences I have been to in years.  The speakers had vital points to share and communicated in clear concise ways.  I took away ideas that I will put into practice from nearly every speaker.  My top three were Mathew Ferrara “Secrets of Social Networking” ,  Sam Sebastian of Google and Troy Hazard “Revenue Through Relationships”.
I have taken lots of classes on social networking, but Mathew Ferrara presented some ideas that really helped bring it into focus.  This is the prospecting tool of today.  Cold calling wasn’t really being done anyway.  Mailing is slow and unpredictable.  Social media is fun, creative, and a real way to touch people.

1.      Make five connections a day
2.      Touch five people a day
3.      Share five things a week

Divide your Facebook friends into lists (work/family/new) so all posts don’t go to all people.  Use it to reach out to them, not sell yourself.  His ‘smackdown’ with Mike Ferry really demonstrated what the differences really are.  Both ways are used to create relationships which are the basis of growing a real estate business.  Like other forms of prospecting, you have to be consistent.  It isn’t something you can start and forget about.  It needs to be a part of your daily, weekly schedule. “ Facebook is the barbeque or birthday party, Linkedin is the cocktail party, Twitter is the headline news, YouTube is content nirvana.”

It wasn’t all about social media either. I learned about working with international clients, CB recruiting tools, the newest ads and marketing from CB, and finding personal balance in this demanding business.  It was great.

Kimberly Brangwin,  Seattle Metro Capitol Hill