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  18 Inspirational Quotes for Spring  Spring is the time of rebirth and inspiration. Here are some amazing quotes to help you start the season with a refreshed outlook.   How to be the Most Attractive Homebuyer Multiple bids are becoming the norm, so be ready to compete and do your homework to seal

Low Prices + Low Interest Rates = Affordability in Home Buying

Guest Post by:  Rhys Evans from Landover Mortgage Wow, what a week last week. Although it may feel like a good time to avoid any wall street news and focus on something more “positive”, the tumultuous market could be the perfect catalyst to take a 2nd look at Real Estate investing.  As we know, home

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water? Why the Mortgage Interest Deduction, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should just be left alone. There has been quite a lot of chatter of late regarding doing away with a few of real estate’s ‘institutions’ – The Mortgage Interest Deduction, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In