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“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.” ― Joseph Addison   GenY is finally in a mood to buy (houses) A generation that’s about 90 million strong, Millennials (or Generation Y) form the largest demographic

CB Bain and CB Seal Continuing Education

Don’t be an April Fool… take some classes! New CB Bain/Seal classes added

Spread the word…New Brokers- Fast Start Training- April 8-12th- (this won’t be offered again until August) Only time this year: Special Sessions for Personal Safety Training for Brokers coming up in April April 11th- “My Will to Survive” Personal Safety Training for Brokers- Lake Union office April 25th- “My Will to Survive” Personal Safety Training for

CB Bain and CB Seal Continuing Education

Join us for CB Bain | Seal Upcoming Classes in March & April!

Don’t miss our special sessions coming up on 3/28 “Day of Video Training”- Special Guest Speaker from Videolicious Here are classes coming up for the next six weeks: (Click each class title to register)   CB Bain: How to Negotiate an FHA Short Sale Transaction in 2013 (3CH) – Kent Station – March 19th – 9:30am

Are you ready to get your BRAND online?

Okay, let’s be real… If you have been to a conference, read any blogs, or attended an online webinar lately – you’ve heard the term: Personal Brand. It is a buzzing topic right now, but what does it actually mean?  Do you have it, want it, or need it?  How do you use it? If you

Top 11 iPad Apps

Top 11 iPad Apps in 2011

It is a fact… MANY people received at least ONE gift that was an Apple product this month… and are thinking – NOW WHAT? Well, in addition to using all of the apps I mentioned in my Living Day 2 Day with my iPhone post earlier this week… here are some additional iPad apps I