I’m so impressed by the course content!

"Really great class. I’m so impressed by the course content! I feel like I have a plan of action to start my business with confidence and knowledge of the process."
Sandy Marymee | Coldwell Banker Bain Kirkland

Amazing course!

Amazing course. I feel so lucky and grateful to be a part of such an outstanding company and I’m extremely excited to begin my career in real estate!
Leah Courage | Coldwell Banker Capitol Hill

Practical & Exciting Course

This is a truly practical & exciting course! I loved the resources of the very successful agents sharing their process!
Denise Vidmar | Coldwell Banker Bain Mercer Island

Great opportunity

Great materials & networking opportunity.
Frank Klein | Coldwell Banker Bain Bellevue

The Instructors Were Great

All the instructors were great, especially Kimberly. The info skims the surface, there’s so much more to learn and in depth! I’m glad it was mentioned that there are additional classes for many of the covered topics.
Edisa Kulaga | Coldwell Banker Bain Bellevue

Most Useful Training I have Had Thus Far

Without a doubt the most useful and applicable training I have had thus far. The instructors, along with most guest speakers, communicated their topics effectively. It's a hard subject matter to capture an audience with, but the enthusiasm and confidence they all had made for an enjoyable experience.
Zach Harrison | Coldwell Banker Bain Bellingham

This Class Was Great

This class was great and informative. I am now ready to get started. I feel the information presented to me will help with my business and give me the confidence needed! Thank you so much!
Broker | Coldwell Banker Bain

Looking Forward To Future Courses

FastStart has been a great immersion experience coming into Coldwell Banker Bain. Looking forward to future courses to delve deper into the course subject matter and implementing the knowledge obtained into my daily business.
Joe Girvin | Coldwell Banker Bain Lake Union

Thank You For A Wonderful Week

Thank you for a wonderful week. I got so much out of FastStart the second time around! I can always learn and brush up my skills so I am sure I will take this class again down the road!
Melissa Will | Coldwell Banker Bain Mercer Island