Continuing Education Partners

At CB Bain|Seal, we are committed to training and educating our brokers and staff. We have internally developed an extensive course catalogue of live classes,
many are clock hour approved in both Washington and Oregon.  We offer these classes complimentary to our brokers.

From time to time, we recognize that we may not have a particular class on our current schedule. We have education partnerships with both Rockwell Institute,
and for continuing education classes.  Use the links below to register for classes to receive a discount.


Account Manager: 
Chris Culbertson
(503) 670-9278
(866) 519-9597


WashingtonRockwell Institute WA
Account Manager:
Bopa Touch
(800) 221-9347
CB Bain | Seal Brokers, if you would like to access your class attendance records, contact the account representative for each of our partner schools and they will set up your user account id and password.


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